Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ezra's 3 day 3rd Birthday!

I can't believe my little Ez turned 3 on June 9th.  He woke up on his Birthday to streamers hanging from his door and his room full of balloons!  He was so excited!!!

 So excited to open his presents!
 The next day we had Sunday dinner at Grandmas so I made him a basketball cake per his request!  (Don't mind the random backwards "1" candle to make 3 candles total.)
 And the Birthday party was the next day (Monday the 11th).  I made him basketball cupcakes and we went to Chuck E. Cheese!  (He has been asking for MONTHS to go there for his birthday!)  So we had all of the kids dress in their sports attire.
 We had dinner at our house first so we could have more food for lots less money!
 Then we headed to Chuck E. Cheese for games, cupcakes and presents!  Ez and Ryker!
Doing what he loves most....shootin hoops!

 The cutest cheerleaders ever!  Jovi, Maddie and Anna!
 Ez and Mac!
 The dream team!  Move over Utah Jazz!!!
 Look at all those fun presents!  Ezra was in heaven!!!

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Nick + Briana said...

Fun party! Loved all the kids dressed up! That's a great idea to have them wake up to a room full of balloons and streamers on the door! I need to remember that for next year!!